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New resource: Model Legislative Clauses Checklist

Over the years, PACENation has consistently received questions and requests for help as to how states can best write and implement PACE-enabling legislation. Through this experience, we have recognized the need to provide additional resources that help guide the legislative process. We have come to the conclusion that a template legislation would be ineffective for entities seeking this help for a few reasons. Primarily, state’s constitutions vary considerably in the way that their legislation is crafted, and ultimately template legislation would be unproductive.

We are introducing a more constructive resource that can be used for states in development looking for guidance on how to best draft successful legislation. This new model clauses checklist outlines PACENation’s recommendations for crafting legislation, and for each recommendation provides text examples of how other states have approached and written legislation and how they have successfully put those ideas into language concisely.

PACENation is eager to provide resources that assist in building the PACE marketplace and we encourage all market participants to contact us with questions or requests you may have. PACENation works with states, municipalities, and the private sector to guide the development of legislation at every stage. While we are not lawyers, we have the resources to facilitate connections and give contacts that help support your needs.


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