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Commercial PACE Program Launched in Connecticut

The Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority launched the Commercial and Industrial Property Assessed Clean Energy Program (C-PACE) late last week. The program is designed to provide commercial and industrial building owners with low-cost, long-term, upfront financing for adding renewable energy projects to their buildings.

Connecticut PACE Program: Technical Underwriting

BEPA News and Sustainable Real Estate Solutions hosted a webinar — Underwriting Energy Efficiency Financing in the Innovative CT C-PACE Program. As a follow up to this webinar, BEPA news has released a whitepaper detailing technical underwriting standards used by the Connecticut PACE program. Key topics addressed by

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) and the U.S. multifamily industry

Guardian Water & Power, a national leading provider of submetering products and services partnered with the Energy and Sustainability Industry Cluster at The Ohio State University’s Fisher School of Business to determine the potential application of Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) to the U.S. multifamily

Considering Commercial PACE in Vermont

Vermont has a subordinate residential PACE program and is now looking to create a commercial PACE program. There are three basic options for Vermont: 1) Amend the current Vermont PACE statute to provide for commercial real estate to be included in the PACE program. 2)

PACE Program Update

2013 is shaping up as a successful year for the PACE industry. Programs across the country are gaining momentum and new projects are being completed. Ann Arbor’s PACE Program Location: Ann Arbor, MI The Ann Arbor PACE program has pooled together 8 local energy efficiency

Edina’s PACE Program closed on another PACE financing!

Using an innovative financial model, Salut Bar Americain is saving energy, saving money, and doing good for the planet—all while staying focused on their core business. Salut Bar Americain is one of Edina’s most popular neighborhood restaurants, known for great service and an eclectic french

Charlottesville, VA looking into setting up a PACE program

To encourage geothermal use, Gurgick would like to see Property Assessed Clean Energy loan programs develop. “The state legislature has approved it, but no municipalities have endorsed it,” Gurgick said. A PACE program would attach the loan for the renewable system to the property, rather

California County’s PACE Program Could Get Feisty With Feds

Does a Riverside County, CA, residential energy financing program put thousands of homeowners on a collision course with the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA)? In a proposed rule-making, the FHFA has suggested that Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) policies represent a threat to the safety

PACE Program in Michigan expanding!

Lean and green: Ingham County joins new program that helps businesses finance energy efficiency projects! Ingham County became the first countywide government in the state last week to join a program that helps businesses become more energy efficient. The Ingham County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously