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PACE in CA: Artificial turf financed with PACE

County Supervisor Dave Roberts is hoping that the project to replace his home’s front and back grass yards with artificial turf may spark a change in the future of water efficiency rebates offered by local water districts.

Roberts’ project, completed at his Solana Beach home Sept. 20, replaced roughly 6,000 square feet of natural grass with artificial turf.

He said he saw it as a way to promote water efficiency and lower his utility bills while also promoting efficiency rebates and the property-assessed clean energy programs he has backed as a county official.

About $12,000 of the roughly $45,000 cost for the turf replacement is being offset by a rebate offered through the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

The balance of the bill is being financed through the HERO program, one of a few county-approved, property-assessed clean energy programs allowing homeowners and businesses to perform energy- and water-efficiency upgrades financed through regular property tax assessments. Read more.