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PACE in NH: Jordan Institute and SRS partner up to run NH C-PACE program

Concord, NH: The Jordan Institute, a Concord-based non-profit organization focused on innovative solutions to reducing energy consumption and promoting the benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy (EE/RE) projects, is teaming with Sustainable Real Estate Solutions (SRS), to develop and administer New Hampshire’s new C-PACE program which is expected to “go live” in 2015.
Short for Property Assessed Clean Energy for Commercial buildings, C-PACE financing is an innovative tool that, similar to a sewer assessment, connects loan repayments for EE/RE projects to the commercial building and not the building’s owner. Municipalities must adopt this program prior to building owners using this financing tool. It is an entirely voluntary, opt-in program for municipalities, capital providers, contractors, existing mortgage holders, and building owners. Read more.