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PACE in NY: Corporation setting the PACE to bring clean energy financing to owners

Energy efficiency and renewable energy is getting the attention of municipal and county leaders across Westchester and the Mid-Hudson Valley as a means to saving property owners money while creating local jobs and increased economic activity.

In the past year, Energy Improvement Corporation (EIC) has seen its membership double as municipal leaders bring Energize NY’s energy efficiency and finance programs to their commercial property owners.

Energize NY Finance, no background-11

Beth Smayda, a member of the White Plains Common Council, explained that joining the EIC and offering Energize NY Finance to White Plains commercial building owners “benefits White Plains by reducing energy usage and our carbon footprint, preserving and improving building stock while reducing operating costs, keeping energy dollars in the community, and creating jobs through the installation of energy improvements.”

With over 15 members and dozens in process, EIC promotes, supports and finances clean energy projects in the commercial sector through its Energize NY programs. Read more.