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In the News: PACE Nation brings together U.S. clean energy movement

Byron DeLear writes for the Examiner on the First Annual PACENation Summit:

Among the many stories of the clean-energy revolution, some good, some not-so-much, there is one initiative that is currently growing at an exponential rate. This week, clean-energy professionals packed a conference held in Denver to advance a movement centered on “PACE-financing” which, in a matter of a few years, has already driven tens of thousands of energy upgrades for homes and businesses. Yesterday, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper addressed “PACE Nation” and extolled the program’s many economic, social, and environmental virtues.


PACE Nation panel with John Kinney of Clean Fund, Ari Matusiak of Renovate America, Cisco Devries of Renew Financial, Jessica Bailey of Greenworks Lending, and Mike Lemyre of Ygrene Energy Fund.
Photo by Byron DeLear

“I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about having you guys all here—Broncos country,” said Gov. Hickenlooper, referring to Denver’s recent Superbowl victory. “The Broncos won because they worked together, and if you look at what we’re all doing around sustainable energy—making sure we are addressing this global issue of climate change in pragmatic, cost-effective ways—it’s [really about] everybody working together. I think that’s a huge part of what’s going on with PACE. It’s that collaborative ability to begin to show the public this isn’t just about burning less hydrocarbons—it’s also about saving money and putting it into people’s household budgets or commercial property owner’s budgets; it’s about economic development; it’s about job growth; and it is about a sustainable energy future.”

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