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PACE Program Update

2013 is shaping up as a successful year for the PACE industry. Programs across the country are gaining momentum and new projects are being completed.

Ann Arbor’s PACE Program

Location: Ann Arbor, MI

The Ann Arbor PACE program has pooled together 8 local energy efficiency projects totaling approximately $900,000. An RFQ to purchase the first PACE bond is being distributed to interested parties this week, once a bond purchaser is selected, a resolution will go to City Council to sell the PACE bond, which is anticipated to happen in early February. Property owner applicants will have two weeks to accept the interest terms and commit to the PACE assessments so that energy assessment agreements are finalized by mid-February and projects can begin implementation.

CaliforniaFIRST Program

Location: California

The statewide CaliforniaFIRST program launched in September 2012 and includes 14 counties throughout California. As of January 7th, the program has 24 active applications totaling over $8.6 million. The program will expand in 2013, adding the counties of Contra Costa, Marin and Napa.


Location: Connecticut


The statewide Connecticut PACE program has officially kicked off with 9 cities on board (including Bridgeport, Norwalk, Hartford, etc.) and another 25 expected by midyear. With over 30 projects already under review, CEFIA expects applications to grow rapidly during the early part of 2013 as they roll out their marketing strategy. CEFIA has also prequalified 8 capital providers who are ready to finance PACE projects in Connecticut. Look for the CPACE website to be up and running later this month.


Location: Florida


The Florida Green Energy Works program is live and accepting applications through its website. The program has multiple applications in house and is working to collect energy use data and begin the process of designing projects for financing and underwriting.  The first deals are expected to start closing in the first quarter of 2013.  Properties range in size and use from restaurants to strip malls.



Location: LA City and County, CA


The LA PACE program has received 19 PACE applications so far, totaling roughly $8.5M.  Activity is picking up drastically as the program ramped up outreach efforts. Conversations with banks are progressing well and first deals are expected to close in the first half of 2013.


Lean & Green Michigan

Location: Michigan


Lean & Green Michigan™ is a statewide PACE district open to all Michigan counties, cities and townships.  In 2012, the City of Southfield and Ingham County (which includes Lansing, East Lansing, Okemos and other towns) both joined Lean & Green Michigan™.  More cities and counties across the state are in the process of joining to afford businesses in their communities access to open market PACE financing — not only in Southeast Michigan, but across the state and “Up North.”  Lean & Green Michigan™ President Andy Levin said he expects 2013 to be a year of “exponential growth” for the district, and that the first deals will close this year.



Leon County is developing a draft RFP and anticipates distribution in early spring.



Location: Placer County, CA


mPOWER Placer has funded 5 commercial projects totaling $742,606.  In the pipeline, there are additional 6 commercial retrofit projects totaling $2,411,000.  As a Better Buildings Challenge Partner, the program is also working with a seventh project, a showcase project.


Sonoma County Energy Independence Program 

Location: Sonoma County, CA


The Sonoma County Energy Independence Program experienced an uptick in applications in the second half of 2012, particularly for solar generation projects. Since March 2009 to date, SCEIP has financed $59,800,000 representing 1,750 residential projects and 57 commercial projects. By number, funded improvements have been 60% energy efficiency, 38% generation and 2% water conservation. Approximately 15% of generation projects also have had an energy efficiency or water conservation component.



Location: Riverside County, CA

The HERO Financing program is gaining momentum. The program reached $87,370,632 in approved apps, more than 4800 applications (1% of homeowners in Western Riverside County), and 517 contractors offering the program. We are inviting other cities in CA to adopt to the HERO program for their residents and contractors. Recent success in Canyon Lakes is described in this article.