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Sonoma PACE Program: Water & Energy Efficiency

What projects are coming up for the water agency and Sonoma Clean Power?

Amy Bolten: There are two likely modes of project development for Sonoma Clean Power — public development through the water agency and private project development.The water agency is working on a number of solar photovoltaic projects that could supply electricity to Sonoma Clean Power. The furthest along is a 20-megawatt solar project at the Charles M. Schultz–Sonoma County Airport. Three other solar projects are in the planning stages in other areas of the county.

In addition, the water agency is evaluating biomass as a means to utilize agricultural and poultry waste to produce electricity.

For private business, landowners and residents, Sonoma Clean Power would also provide a stable off-taker for renewable electricity produced by local projects which could incentivize project development.

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