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Summit FAQs for attendees


Click here to join the event: 

You will land in the Reception area. This is the central location throughout all three days where you will see and be able to join all activities that are live. This includes: Sessions, Mainstage presentations, Expo Hall and Networking

Sessions and Mainstage presentations will not be accessible until 5 minutes before they go Live.

You can view the full event Schedule on the Reception page at any time to see what’s coming up. The times shown on the schedule correspond to your local time timezone. (This won’t apply if you are using a VPN. Those times will show in EST). 

Please review these technical tips to ensure a smooth experience.

There are two ways to easily connect with other attendees at the Summit.

THE PEOPLE TAB: You will find this located  in the right hand side bar, throughout all areas of the event. You can search for attendees and invite others to video chats here. Be sure to complete your Attendee profile so that others can easily find you! 
You may also use this section to:

  • Chat privately with other attendees – find the user and select “send message” button
  • Schedule a video meeting
  • Report a user in a case of inappropriate behavior.

More information on using the PEOPLE tab to connect with other attendees here.

The Networking area is the place for automated one-on-one meetings and is Hopin’s way of facilitating connection discovery at an event.

  • In the networking segment – visible on the left hand side of the event window – when someone clicks the Ready button, the system automatically pairs you up with someone else who has also clicked the Ready button.
  • Matches are paired randomly (similar to speed dating).
  • If both parties are available, the two are matched instantly and the video chat begins and lasts for 30 seconds minimum, 180 seconds maximum.
  • During Hopin’s Networking segment, matched participants will have the opportunity to exchange contact information by clicking on the ‘Connect’ button.

While we have created times in the schedule specifically for Networking, that area will remain open throughout the event. 


Q: How do I network with specific people?

A: The Networking area is random, so you are not able to pick who you are paired with. However, you can create 1:1 meetings with whoever you like. By going to the ‘People’ tab of the event, find the person you would like to connect with and click the invite to video call button.

Q: How do I find my Networking connections after the event?

A: After the conversation (if both parties chose to connect) they can follow up with each other. At the end of the event a list and summary of connections will become available under the profile page in the Connections tab. Once a connection is selected each user can choose the way they want to follow up: Email; LInkedin; Twitter

Tip: The available channels depend on the details filled by attendees on their Profile page. Make sure to add the preferred details to your profile to let other connections easily find you after the event.


This will be open throughout the Summit. We also have set aside times in the schedule each day for you to visit and interact with companies and organizations.

To enter, click on Expo, located on the left hand side bar of the event landing page.


Visit our Solutions Desk! The desk will be staffed throughout each day of the event, and will be visible and available to enter via the Registration page.

Lindsey, our Solutions agent will be available most of the time via video and chat stream. Should you have questions or need support resources, please visit Solutions.


Summit 2024

June 12-13
Nashville, Tennessee

Join hundreds other PACE professionals for two days of extensive educational and networking opportunities at the premier global PACE event!