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Announcing the first installment of PACENation’s new monthly webinar series

PACENation Webinar series

We’re announcing an all-new resource for PACENation’s members: Monthly PACE Webinars! Each month, these live webinars will feature experts in the PACE market presenting on timely and interesting PACE topics, including informational sessions and new market developments.

Our first webinar, which will focus on PACE for nonprofit-owned buildings, will take place on April 27th from 3:00pm – 4:00pm EST.

This month’s webinar: CivicPACE and PACE for Nonprofits

When: April 27th, 3:00pm – 4:00pm EST

Where: Click here or the “Register” button to the right to claim your spot and receive a link to join the webinar!

Bracken Hendricks and Mark Theilking will talk about how PACE financing works in concert with buildings owned by non-profit organizations. Thielking runs EnergizeNY, a non-profit, local development corporation that works with localities across the state of NY to offer PACE financing. Hendricks leads Urban Ingenuity, which is Washington DC PACE program administrator, and a partner on the U.S. Department of Energy-funded CivicPACE team, working to increase non-profit adoption of PACE. Speakers will address the challenges facing the non-profit community, the role of CivicPACE, methods for overcoming barriers within this sector, and some success stories from the field.



President and CEO, Urban Ingenuity

Mark Thielking, Executive Director, Energize NY


The Monthly PACE Webinar Series

The Monthly PACE Webinar Series will cover the following (tentative) list of topics:

  • April: CivicPACE and PACE for Nonprofits
  • May: PACE and Solar PPAs
  • June: PACE 101: Best Practices for Working with Local Ordinances and Municipal Officials
  • July: State of the Residential PACE Market
  • August: PACE 101: Pitching PACE to the Real Estate Market
  • September: Marketing PACE: How to tell the story


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